Petrol Girls – ‘Some Thing EP’ Extended (EP Review)

Source: EP Artwork

Raging feminist post hardcore. Sounds good right? Well Petrol Girls are exactly that. The scathingly political feminist warriors are devoted to challenging stereotypes and calling out sexism in the punk scene. ‘Some Thing EP’ is unapologetic and aggressive punk rock, drawing on personal experiences – Petrol Girls are tackling sexism, misogyny and alienation head on. They’re setting fire to ingrained patriarchal expectations and saying a big ‘fuck you’ to anyone or anything punk that tries to belittle women or femininity. A DIY approach combined with their loud and unabashed delivery of liberating lyrics, makes this an empowering EP.

Having listened, you’re going to find yourself thinking – “actually I can do this, and I will” to anyone who tries to make you feel otherwise. That’s why this release is so important.

‘Slug’ gives the impression of feeling low and alienated by your surroundings. Opening explosively with pounding abrasive riffs and raucous, volatile vocals makes the track incredibly hard-hitting. Petrol Girls are holding nothing back – they’re playing with fire. ‘Protagonist’  is a ferocious feminist anthem. Lyrics like “I’m a protagonist, suck it” directly challenge and annihilate the sexism that deems women inferior. They’re telling you that you’re in control of yourself and should live by your own rules and standards. ‘Separate’ is lyrically similar, the shouted “won’t let ideology erase me” gives you a gut punching feeling of liberation.

‘System’ is lyrically significant, “no justice, system of brutality” and “push down your face to the floor, is this what democracy looks like?” call out the corrupt political system. It’s packed with a ruthless punk punch, that’ll leave you feeling outraged at the state of things. By addressing the needless violence and oppression inflicted by authority figures on those who try to stand up and speak out about injustice, it leaves you devastated as you watch brave voices be taken away and silenced.

Ending with ‘Disgrace’ gives you a boost of confidence as Aldridge shouts “we will not be ignored”. That’s what they’ve set out to achieve with this EP – it’s a protest against being dismissed or silenced.

Releases such as this are well worth talking about. Petrol Girls don’t shy away from neglected topics that are desperately crying out for attention. They’re demanding change within the discrimination riddled punk scene – and it’s about time people started listening to what they have to say.

Check out their BandCamp here!



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