Five Most Anticipated Albums Of 2016?

Here are the five bands that I’m stoked to hear new music from in 2016!

5. Beartooth – Their second full length album is due out next year and I cannot wait to hear what they have in store for us. Their compelling 2014 debut album Disgusting was brilliant and the and the fast paced heavy guitar riffs and raw, gut wrenching emotive vocals won me over immediately.

4. Marmozets- I was addicted to these guys from my very first listen to their debut album The Weird and Wonderful (2014). Becca Macintyre’s vocals are so dynamic and distinct that I had the album on repeat. Their unique mathcore inspired guitar riffs are flourished with technical precision and dexterity – not forgetting to mention that they put on an incredibly energetic and engaging live show. I had’t heard anyone quite like Marmozets before so I’m highly anticipating hearing some more new material from them.


3. Killswitch Engage – Incarnate (March) – Killswitch are one of the first bands that got me into metal and their next album Incarnate is going to be their most “diverse” yet which is really exciting. Their most recent single Strength Of The Mind is addictive. I’m a huge fan of the Killswitch sound which they’ve progressed with each album but i’m eager to hear how they have experimented further with their new material.


2. Anavae- I’ve been listening to Anavae for a while now and I was seriously impressed with their new tracks Feel Alive and Instinct which they released in March, they left me wanting more. I haven’t listened to a single track on repeat more than Feel Alive for years. The new album seems promising and I’m beyond excited to hear it. These guys deserve all the recognition they can get.


  1. Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound – After being a huge fan of Bury Tomorrow’s first two albums Portraits and The Union of Crowns I had high expectation for their 2014 release of Runes. Sadly I was slightly let down and deflated after listening to the album. Don’t get me wrong there were some brilliant stand alone tracks such as Man on Fire and Watcher, but the album as a whole didn’t grab me. Having heard their latest two singles Earthbound and Memories I’m confident that Bury Tomorrow have upped their game drastically and cannot wait to listen to Earthbound in full early next year!eb

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