PVRIS – ‘White Noise’ (Album Review)

It’s difficult to believe that ‘White Noise’ by PVRIS (pronounced ‘paris’) is their first ever full length debut album because lets face it, it’s compellingly impressive. Released on the 4th November 2014, ‘White Noise’ received imminent, well-deserved attention blowing PVRIS vigorously out of the water, getting them acknowledged and proliferating their fan base. PVRIS, hailing from Lowell Massachusetts, consists of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, lead guitarist Alex Babinski with Brian MacDonald on bass. These guys are fearless and appear to have launched themselves headfirst into a encouragingly solid position after being signed to Rise Records and having just been featured on the cover of Rock Sound magazine in the UK! There are endless reasons why you should be stoked about their future, these guys are audacious contenders and undoubtedly a band to keep your prying eyes on.

PVRIS have ambitiously challenged themselves whilst working alongside producer Blake Harnage (VersaEmerge) to create a consistent and focused album, flourished with technical precision and bucket loads of originality. Their innovative blend of electronic, pop and rock styles and experimentation with layering breaks the moulds many new bands fall into giving them a unique style, with no two songs sounding the same. You’d be fooled into thinking there were more than just three members creating such elaborately textured and syncopated soundscapes with reverberating bass lines, dominant pulsating synth and heavy ambient guitar riffs. ‘Smoke’, the opening track, echoes in with a catchy pulsating drum beat and an eerie guitar riff before unleashing Lynn’s distinctive voice. The versatility and rigour of her vocals are instantaneously recognisable as she seamlessly ranges from edgy yells to subtle melodies with authoritatively quick changes in tone. Lyrics within ‘Smoke’ such as “I feel a fire in the back of my throat” and “let’s get covered in flames and play some games with the smoke” establishes the bands gumption right from the offset – they’re leaping outside their comfort zones to compete and are holding nothing back.

A serene, dark and mysterious atmosphere lingers throughout the album both lyrically and sonically. ‘St. Patrick’ fades in and blends soothing but swelling keyboard synth with an upbeat and infectious counterpart. Heavy pounding synth, bass lines and drums bashes the adventurous rhythm hauntingly into your head making it definitely “something to talk about” and listen to on repeat. This song, along with ‘Mirrors’, ‘My House’ and ‘Let Them In’ are prime examples of the way the band are able to combine electronic, rock and pop styles together impeccably.

I think ‘White Noise’ is arguably groundbreaking, my album of the year. It’s not just a pivotal debut album for PVRIS, but a strong, confident stand alone record. It massively surpassed what I was expecting to hear and experience from what for many bands, is their indifferent run-of-the-mill ‘debut’ album. These guys have set expectations high but if they continue to thrive you’ll most certainly be hearing a lot more about them in the near future! I’m very eager to see what these guys create next.

I strongly recommend that you go and check out ‘White Noise’ by PVRIS. You can thank me later!


Music videos for ‘My House’ and ‘St. Patrick’



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