Heart In Hand – ‘Almost There’ (Album Review)


Heart In Hand undoubtedly have the potential to become one of the UK’s best melodic hardcore bands. Since the release of their last album, they’ve progressed immensely, putting themselves in an excellent position with the their newest album Almost There.

One of the most exceptional things about Heart In Hand  is the sheer raw emotion they manage to pack into each of their songs with such an ease that it comes naturally to them. Tracks such asSleeping Alone, ‘Cuts and Bruises’ and ‘Almost There’ are completely drenched and saturated with the experiences, pains and anguish felt by the band. This emotion is catapulted towards the audience through lyrical excellence and precision, chugging breakdowns and the impressive explosive yelling vocals of Charlie Holmes, making it an album you can listen to on repeat.

‘Proposal’ is the opening track and like many other hardcore albums it’s instrumental, starting with some gentle melodic guitar riffs, creating quite a serene and soothing atmosphere. After building peripheral anticipation the track cuts out and we’re thrown headfirst into ‘Almost There’, a song which exceeds in reflecting exactly what Heart In Hand are all about.

The album features some brilliant guest vocals firstly from Mikey Chapman and Sam Douglas of Mallory Knox, which can be heard on ‘Maybe’. By incorporating their powerful cleans into this song it stands out as one of the best, creating a dynamic contrast with Holmes vocals. Not forgetting ‘Broken Lights’ featuring vocals from Bury Tomorrow’s Dani Winter-Bates, drawing a much deserved attention to Heart In Hand.

These guys have definitely put their all into creating this concise album, throwing themselves straight into the hardcore genre and earning a well deserved place. The future looks great for this band, and I cannot wait to hear what they’ve got in store for us next.

For fans of: Bury Tomorrow, While She Sleeps, Feed The Rhino



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