Paramore At iTunes Festival – (Gig Review)



Every year for the whole of September the iTunes Festival takes place at The Roundhouse in London, and has been doing so since 2007. Tickets are free, and can be won by applying through the iTunes store, so it’s well worth a try!

This year, the dynamic trio known as Paramore took to the stage to headline the fourth night of the iTunes festival with support from the band Fenech-Soler. Despite not winning tickets, I waited all day in the standby queue hoping to get the chance to see Paramore that night and managed to get in, even though I missed most of Fenech-Soler’s performance. I’d consider myself an avid gig-goer and have been to a fair few now and Paramore are without a doubt one of the most engaging and dynamic bands i’ve had the pleasure to see live so far.

Before Paramore had even appeared on stage the crowd were going insane, cheering and screaming, buzzing with anticipation. The lights dimmed and the band potently kick started with Grow Up before breaking into a vivacious 21 song set consisting both of new material and songs such as Pressure from their very first album All We Know Is Falling. The venue was definitely not full to its capacity which was a shame, however the die hard fans in the audience came together vigorously, audaciously reciting every lyric and at the top of their lungs creating quite an incredible and serene atmosphere right from the offset. It’d be an understatement to say that Paramore have a vehemently passionate set of fans. With an admirable ease they kept the crowd very much alive, frantic for more songs, as they smashed their way through an avalanche of hits such as Now, Misery Business, and Still Into You.

Paramore are notorious for getting a lucky fan up on stage to belt out the chorus of Misery Business and rock out with the band. Watching it happen (and wishing it was me) was definitely a highlight of the evening. Even live, Hayley William’s robust and vibrant vocals (and hair) never falter, or fail to win over the crowd.


Here’s the set list:

1. Grow Up
2. Fast in My Car
3. That’s What You Get
4. Decode
5. Ignorance
6. Interlude: I’m not angry anymore
7. Now
8. Daydreaming
9. When it Rains
10. Last Hope
11. Brick By Boring Brick
12. Interlude: Holiday
13. Crush Crush Crush
14. Ain’t It Fun
15. The Only Exception
16. In The Mourning/Landslide
17. Pressure
18. Misery Business
19. Part II
20. Interlude: Moving On
21. Still Into You

If you missed Paramore at the iTunes festival you can watch the full performance here:

Paramore are currently on their European leg of their tour, before they venture to the States! Check out their tour dates here:


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